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The Short Hills Ski Club is a non-profit organization which heavily relies on its membership to actively participate in club events, use our Lodge in Vermont and volunteer to help keep the club running. Due to the great interest in our club by our past and present members we are able to keep our annual membership dues very low and our ski weekend rates exceptionally low.  Click Here to see our membership and weekend rates.

The Short Hills Ski club is looking for people who are interested in Skiing and Snowboarding, who will take an active interest in the club, its activities and events and most of all use our Lodge in Vermont.  This is the greatest deal you will ever find in having a ski house / summer house in Vermont!

We reward and acknowledge those who actively participate in the club by offering the lowest weekend and mid week rates at the lodge during the ski season (see our Fees and Rates page for more information).

*The minimum age for membership in our ski club is 21 years old.

There are 5 classes of membership in our club which equate to financial benefits and privileges.

  • Active - an Active member continually demonstrates a sincere interest in the club and its activities.
  • Provisional - a provisional member demonstrates both a sincere interest in the activities of the club and a desire to become an active member. They may use the Lodge at any time that an Active member is present.
  • Associate - an Associate Member is a person who is unable to participate on an active basis in the affairs of the club. Associate Members.
  • Honorary - an Honorary Member is a person who has given meritorious service to the club.
  • Applicant - An Applicant is a person who has submitted an application for membership in the Short Hills Ski Club who demonstrate both a sincere interest in the club and a desire to become an Active member. They may use the Lodge at any time that an Active member is present.

Elevations through these classes are defined by the following criteria:

  • Participation in club sponsored trips;
  • Attendance at club meetings and functions;
  • Participation on committees, elective or appointed office;
  • Concern for the rights and privileges of others;
  • Concern for conserving the club's assets and resources;
  • Activities deemed by the membership as furthering the purpose of the club.

How does Elevation in membership Status work?

The Membership Committee, which meets once monthly during the ski season (November - April), has final authority in deciding issues of membership status. Elevation from one level of membership to another is based upon the above listed criteria and a demonstration of a sincere interest in the club and its activities.


The first step is to complete an application to join the Short Hills Ski Club, elevation from Applicant to Provisional will be based on your activities and use of the Ski Lodge in Vermont.


Provisional membership is a way station between Applicant status and Active membership. It is anticipated that a Provisional member will continue to work towards Active status by being active with the club and using the lodge in Vermont.

Elevation from Provisional to Active is approved when the Membership Committee feels that satisfactory progress has been made in the areas outlined above. A Provisional member may be elevated at any meeting of the committee (from November to April).


Change in status from Active to Associate is normally granted to members who request such a change because they are not in a position to continue their current activity with the club (e.g., had a child, moved away, experienced an injury).

Elevation from Associate to Active is allowed when Associates indicate a desire to resume a more active role in the club. Written requests for reinstatement to Active must be submitted to the Membership Committee for consideration at its December meeting.


An Honorary Member is a person who has given meritorious service to the club. This status is an elected status and shall be done by the following procedure:

    • Recommendation by the Board of Trustees and
    • Two-thirds vote of the Active members present and voting at the Annual Business Meeting.


By becoming a member of the Short Hills Ski Club you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced rates on overnight accommodations and meals
  • Discounted lift tickets to Area Mountains
  • Discounts at Ski Shops and other merchants
  • Ski trips and packages to mountains outside of Vermont
  • Membership in the NJ Ski and Snowboard Council
  • Discounted activities and trips other than skiing (Golf Outing, Biking, Hiking, BBQ's etc.)
  • Social Gatherings at local venues in NJ and VT
  • Friendships and memories that will last a lifetime

Lodge Rates - Our lodging rates and meal pricing is unbeatable.  No other club, group package or hotel can beat the pricing that our club offers it members.  We can offer such low pricing because we have owned the property and our lodge in Vermont for more than 45 years and our members volunteer their time and expertise to maintain the house.

Discounted Lift Tickets – Each year the club purchases lift tickets from the NJ Ski and Snowboard Council which offer steep discounted daily rate at the mountains.  During the Ski season we also receive notification from the mountains and the NJ Ski and Snowboard council on additional reduced rates for club members.

The following ski resorts have provided us with advance purchase tickets for the 2016 - 2017 ski season:

  • Bromley
  • Gore
  • Killington
  • Jay Peak
  • Middleburry Snow Bowl
  • Mount Snow
  • Okemo
  • Pico
  • Stowe
  • Stratton
  • Sugarbush
  • Whiteface


Your membership in our club also registers you with the NJ Ski and Snowboard Council.  You will be issued a membership card which can be used at various ski shops, merchants and local area mountains to receive instant discounts on products, services and lift tickets.  Just show your club membership card and start to save.

The NJ Ski and Snowboard Council also runs trips out west as well as week long trips in the east at fabulous prices.  For more information on the Council's trips click here!

Many of our members will get together outside of the winter ski season to participate in other activities such as Golfing, Rafting, Fishing, Tennis, etc.  These activities are run by our members and many of these activities are put together at a discount by getting group rates.

From time to time members will get together at local bars and restaurants to socialize and just have some fun.  We will also get together with other ski clubs in the area for a night out, both in NJ and in VT.  Our nights out are always open to non members so please come and join us one night.  Check our calendar of events for the next night out.