Club Officers, Trustees & Committee Chairs

The Short Hills Ski Club’s officers, trustees and committee chairpeople are members who have shown an extraordinary interest in the club’s operation and growth. They are elected into their positions by other club members, and volunteer their time for the betterment of the club.

Club Officers

Short Hills Ski Club treasurer Monica Hahn posing on the slopes.

Jeff Faller


Jeff has been a member of SHSC since 2016. He is a Financial Adviser and owner of a firm which currently employs 8 people. He loves downhill skiing, golfing, fishing and deep-sea fishing. You can also find him on a golf course somewhere very often, especially during the summer months. Jeff served as the club’s General Treasury for many years, and he is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board.


Tom Boehm


Tom has been a member of the club since 2017. He loves skiing and was looking to ski more often and to meet others who share a similar love of the sport. The club was a perfect match with wonderful people, a beautiful lodge, a great cook, and affordable rates. In a short time the club now feels like family to Tom. He is currently serving as the President and webmaster. Tom’s other passions include his family, golf, bike riding, travel, running, hiking and kayaking.

Sharon Weston


I love everything winter! I’m a life time skier, that took a break for a number of years while carting my kids around to all their dance competitions. Now that they’re grown and gone, Jon and I are looking to be on the slopes as much as possible.

Carl Mills  


I have been a member of the ski club since 1984. I was the Lodge VP from 1985 to 1989. I met my wife Dawn through the ski club and we were married there in 1988. Although I had been an Associate Member for many years, I have become an Active Member since my retirement. My two boys, Michael and Charles, have recently joined the SHSC. Charles and his wife Laura had their wedding at the Lodge in 2019. I hope my boys and Laura will continue to be active in the SHSC since it is a great club that offers many outdoor and social activities.

Short Hills Ski Club treasurer Monica Hahn posing on the slopes.

Monica Hahn


Since joining SHSC in 2011, Monica has served as the Secretary, Party Chairperson, Lift Ticket Chairperson and Chairman of the Board. She is currently serving in the role of General Treasury. Although the initial draw to the SHSC was its fabulous lodge in Vermont, an unexpected bonus was the friendships that Monica and her husband have formed with others who share their love of the outdoors. They can often be found hiking, biking, kayaking, and, of course, skiing, with their equally adventurous SHSC friends, and they are most grateful to the club for bringing them all together.

Kerry Coffman    


Kerry’s been a member of the Short Hills Ski Club for over 15 years – joining in 2008. He is currently the Lodge Treasurer and has held several positions within the club during his tenure including: House Chair, Trip Chairperson, Lift Ticket Chairperson, Lodge VP, Board member and Lodge Treasurer. Despite growing up in Texas, he enjoys the cold and snowy Northeast winters and tries to make it up to the lodge as often as possible.

Debbie Chanik


Debbie has been a SHSC member since 2015. But skiing has been a passion of hers long before that. The club has not only given her access to some great skiing, it has also been a terrific source of community and fellowship. The lodge is a “happy place” for Debbie and she looks forward to becoming a more active member in the future.


Shawn Rice


Shaun has been a member of the Short Hills Ski Club for over 30 years. He loves skiing and has skied his most of his life. Over the years, he has been and continues to be, very involved in organizing and running many work weekends for the maintenance of the lodge in Vermont. In the past he has served as the club race chair, a member of the lodge improvement committee, and an appointed trustee. Currently Shaun is an Elected Trustee for the club.

Scott Tanner


I have been a member of the Short Hills Ski Club since 2016. I am an educator and teach Physical Education and coach Archery at a public school in Montague, New Jersey. I am an avid outdoorsman, hiker, and skier and enjoy traveling in the pursuit of those activities. I especially enjoy skiing and traveling with friends which naturally led me to the club. In other words, I am a ski nut!

Greg Borsinger


Greg has been a member of the SHSC for over 10 years. He and wife Joanne joined when daughter Tracy attended Middlebury College. Tracy is now an orthopedic surgeon at Dartmouth – so Greg knows where to go if something breaks 🙂 He loves to ski and socialize with other members at the lodge. He is a licensed Engineer with an MBA in finance who has been running his own company for over 20 years. Greg served as the Lodge VP for many years and is currently serving as a Trustee.

John Strauss


John loves people and he also loves to ski. When he is not skiing, John is piloting a hot air balloon somewhere over Pennsylvania and New Jersey. John has been with the club since 1998.

Tom White


Tom has been a member of the Short Hills Ski Club since 2011. He now serves as an Appointed Trustee of the Club. Tom loves getting outside – he’d live outside if he could. Tom believes the next best thing would be to hang out at the our lodge twelve months a year.​

Sue Stimpson


I love the outdoors in every season, and while our club lodge provides easy access to skiing, it also offers the opportunity to enjoy hiking and biking during the summer and fall months. Our club attracts great people and I have developed some wonderful friendships through the club where I have been a member since 1997. I’ve acted as trip captain on many weekends, served as party chairperson for several years and most recently served as an elected trustee on our Board of Trustees. My professional career has been in marketing and event planning before becoming a professional chef. I truly enjoy bringing people together to enjoy shared activities.

Sue has been a member of the Short Hills Ski Club for the past 23 years. She and her husband are avid skiers, outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy travel. Sue is currently serving on the SHSC Board as an Elected Trustee.


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