Kindly bear with us while the Visitor Guide is being updated.

There is JUST so much to do in Vermont and for a newcomer, it can take quite a while to get to know the best places to go and best things to do.  This guide is intended to capture the insights and experiences of SHSC members so that others may share in this knowledge and make their trips to the lodge more enjoyable.  Many topics are still under construction.   If you have a favorite item you want to add to the guide, please let us know.  Many thanks to the contributors for sharing what they love most in Vermont.



  1. Getting Here
  2. Lodge Activities
  3. Mountains
  4. Restaurants
  5. Breweries, Taverns & Brewpubs,
  6. Shopping
  7. Services
  8. Hiking
  9. Biking
  10. Golf
  11. Parks, Swimming & Picnicking
  12. Other Things to Do