Club Officers, Trustees & Committee Chairs

The Short Hills Ski Club’s officers, trustees and committee chairpeople are members who have shown an extraordinary interest in the club’s operation and growth. They are elected into their positions by other club members, and volunteer their time for the betterment of the club.

Club Officers

Eileen Kealy


Eileen has been a member of the Short Hills Ski Club since 2010. She grew up skiing through the local Wayne, NJ afterschool ski programs in middle school and high school.


Tom Boehm


Tom has been a member of the club since 2017. He loves skiing and was looking to ski more often and to meet others who share a similar love of the sport. The club was a perfect match with wonderful people, a beautiful lodge, a great cook, and affordable rates. In a short time the club now feels like family to Tom. He is currently serving as the President and webmaster. Tom’s other passions include his family, golf, bike riding, travel, running, hiking and kayaking.

Sue Stimpson


Sue has been a member of the Short Hills Ski Club for the past 23 years. She and her husband are avid skiers, outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy travel. Sue is currently serving on the SHSC Board as an elected Trustee.

Greg Borsinger   


Greg has been a member of the SHSC for over 10 years. He and wife Joanne joined when daughter Tracy attended Middlebury College. Tracy is now an orthopedic surgeon at Dartmouth – so Greg knows where to go if something breaks 🙂 He loves to ski and socialize with other members at the lodge. He is a licenced Engineer with an MBA in finance who has been running his own company for over 20 years. Greg is currently serving as the Lodge Vice President.

Jeff Faller


Jeff has been a member of SHSC for 4 years. He is a Financial Adviser and owner of a firm which
currently employs 8 people. He loves downhill skiing, golfing, fishing and deep-sea fishing. He is currently serving as the General Treasurer.

Kerry Coffman    


Kerry’s been a member of the Short Hills Ski Club for over 9 years – joining in 2008. He is currently the Lodge Treasurer and has held several positions within the club during his tenure including: House Chair, Trip Chairperson, Lift Ticket Chairperson, Lodge VP, Board member and Lodge Treasurer. Despite growing up in Texas, he enjoys the cold and snowy Northeast winters and tries to make it up to the lodge as often as possible.

Monica Hahn


Since joining SHSC in 2011, Monica has served as Secretary, Party Chairperson, Lift Ticket Chairperson and Appointed Trustee. She is currently serving in the role of Trustee. Although the initial draw to the SHSC was its fabulous lodge in Vermont, an unexpected bonus was the friendships that Monica and her husband have formed with others who share their love of the outdoors. They can often be found hiking, biking, kayaking, and, of course, skiing, with their equally adventurous SHSC friends, and they are most grateful to the club for bringing them all together.


Richard Wefer


Christmas 1970, when Rich was in seventh grade, his parents started his lifelong love of skiing by signing him and his younger sister up for five weekends of ski lessons at the now defunct Craigmeur Ski Area in Newfoundland, NJ. This was a total surprise as he didn’t know anybody in his family, extended family or Jersey City neighborhood that skied. He is still very thankful that his parents took this bold move.

Over the years Rich was a guest at our lodge when some member friends invited him up, usually for President’s weekend. He decided to join in January 2019. He volunteered to be the Club Historian and was selected as an appointed Trustee in November 2020. Rich was elected a Two-Year Trustee June 2021. He also helps out a lot on our two Facebook pages.

Stratton, Sugarbush and Killington are his favorite mountains. He also enjoys the trips that The New Jersey Ski & Snowboard Council runs.

Rich lives in Vernon NJ with his wife Susan. He has three adult children, Allison, Eric and Rich, and a granddaughter Claire, and is a retired New Jersey career firefighter.

Karen Pabst


Karen has been a member of the Short Hills Ski Club since 1987. She is currently an Elected Trustee and previously served as a Trustee in the early 90’s. Karen was introduced to this club by her husband Neal. Over the years she has developed a true passion for skiing. The ski club has been a large part of her enthusiasm for the sport. Karen made many friends over the years and she treasures many of those friendships today. Now that she is retired, she has the time to really enjoy the outdoors. She especially loves skiing, hiking, cycling, and kayaking to name a few. Karen believes that being outside in natural surroundings is key to one’s health and happiness. She always comes back from outdoor adventures feeling refreshed, restored, and ready to tackle new challenges. The ski club offers many fun outdoor activities which provide an opportunity to be among people who share similar interests. The lodge is open to members and guests all year round, and all four seasons are beautiful in Lower Granville, Vermont!

Sharon Pikowski


Sharon joined the SHSC eight years ago and has been enjoying going up to our lodge and exploring Vermont ever since. She loves skiing at many different mountains throughout the winter months, but the mountains also have so much to offer year-round. Sharon loves going up in the warmer months to go hiking or on a long bike ride, or in the Fall to take in the beautiful Autumn scenery. Since joining the Club Sharon has spent over 100 nights at the lodge, and this year was elected to serve as the Secretary of the Club. When she is not in VT, Sharon likes spending time at the beach, going to concerts and shows, and planning her next travel excursion.

Shaun Rice


Shaun has been a member of the Short Hills Ski Club for over 30 years. He loves skiing and has skied his most of his life. Over the years, he has been and continues to be, very involved in organizing and running many work weekends for the maintenance of the lodge in Vermont. In the past he has served as race chair, was a member of the lodge improvement committee and an appointed trustee, which is now his current role.

Frank Waung


Growing up in Manchuria, Frank has always loved the great outdoors. Whether it is in the mud fields in rural China or on the ski slopes in Vermont, He is at home in the elements. Frank loves to ski, cycle, hike and enjoy a glass of red with friends over a roaring fire!

There is just no better place to be than at the lodge of the SHSC!

Susan Hinds


I began skiing around age 5 and was immediately addicted to the sport. Skiing has always been a passion of mine for both the adventurous and social aspects. Joining the SHSC was the perfect fit for me; skiing during the day and hanging out at night. During the warmer months you’ll find me outdoors doing some kind of activity, but mainly I’ll be found on a soccer field, participating in a triathlon or on a bike. In order to fund my lifestyle, I teach high school math.

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