When the Snow Melts
Since snow melt and the spring rains make the water table high I’ll venture a guess and say that May is a great time to visit one of Vermont’s many waterfalls. So if you’re looking for something to do in Vermont, once the ski season is over (I know that’s hard to hear) here are some suggestions. 

Falls of Lana and Silver Lake Trail

One of my favorite waterfall hikes is near Lake Dunmore in Salisbury. The Falls of Lana and Silver Lake is a moderate, beautifully forested hike (about 3 miles rt to the lake or 5.3 rt if you circumnavigate Silver Lake). The trail starts with a bit of an uphill climb. It’s a well defined path which takes you by Lana Falls and  up to Silver Lake. On the way up to the lake plan to spend some time exploring the lower part of the trail to your left.  This is where the Falls of Lana snakes down through a series of gorges and flumes into stunningly deep swimming pools. Getting close to the falls may be a bit challenging but well worth it, make sure you are wearing good hiking boots and are up to the task. That said, if you don’t want to scramble around, you can stay on the trail and view parts of the gorge from above. The trail up to Silver Lake is wide which makes it easy to pass others at a distance. Be sure to take the right at the sign for Sliver lake.  Once you reach Silver Lake you can picnic at one of the 15 rustic campsite tables or continue on the loop trail around the lake.

*It’s important to note that In the Autumn you can hike all the way up to an area called Rattlesnake Cliffs. This overlook has great views of Lake Dunmore and beyond.However, Rattlesnake Cliff trail is closed March to August 1st for Peregrine Falcon nesting.

The Falls of Lana are located about 35 minutes from the ski lodge. To get there, take Route100 south to 125 west drive 13.9 miles then turn left onto to Upper Plains Road. Take Upper Plains for 3.9 miles. Turn left onto State Route 53, drive east along the north shore of Lake Dunmore for 3.7 miles where you’ll find parking on your left.

Here are links to the trail maps on AllTrails:  Falls of Lana, and Silver Lake Trail

Submitted By:  Ann Rice

Texas Falls

Most of our seasoned Vermonters will know this location. So, this pick is for our newer club members, who I’m certain, will really appreciate this spectacular location, Texas Falls. This spot is easy to get to and I guarantee, you will not be disappointed! Texas Falls is an absolutely stunning spot and the best part is; it’s located in Rochester, only 6.4 miles from the ski lodge.  At the falls, there is a short 1.2-mile meandering forested hike which loops adjacent to the brook. The walk includes a bridge that spans a breathtaking cascade which wildly plunges 35 feet making it a great spot for some awesome photos.

If you want to spend some time enjoying the area with your buddies or kiddos, there are now tables as well as toilets making it a lovely area to spend an afternoon picnicking.

Texas Falls is located off of Route 125 west just 10 minutes from the lodge. To get there take Route 100 south for 4 miles turn right onto route 125 west. Drive 3 miles and turn right onto Texas Falls Road. Parking is 1/2 mile on your left.  Here is the link to the trail map on AllTrails:  Texas Falls

Submitted by:  Ann Rice

Mt. Mansfield Loop

Hiking Distance: 8-9 miles
Scenery: 9 (out of 10)
Difficulty Level: 8
Drive from Lodge: 1 hour & 20 minutes

Mt. Mansfield summit (the Chin) is the highest peak in Vermont at 4,395 ft above sea level. Location wise the mountain sits on the back side of Stowe Ski Resort. This hike is more for the experienced hikers, or those intermediate hikers looking for a challenge. There are plenty of climbs accompanied by truly breathtaking views.

Mt. Mansfield is located near Stowe, and is about an hour and twenty minutes driving (in the summer) from the lodge. For hikers, the most common starting point is at the parking lot of Underhill State Park (GPS: 44.677240, -72.791582). From there, take the Eagles-Cut-Trail and connect to the CCC-Road trail and up Maple Ridge Trail.

At the top of Maple Ridge is the “Forehead”. Traverse on the top of the ridge to the “Nose”, then to “Upper Lip” and then “Lower Lip” before reaching the “Chin”, which is the summit. There is a “Visitor Center” near the “Nose”, but there is no potable water there. There is a small spring water source about 1/4 mile down from the Visitor Center (follow car road) called the “Runny Nose”. The rangers recommend using a water filter on the spring water before filling into your own water bottle.

From the top, take Sunset Ridge trail down a long and rocky trail. Hikers should plan on hiking from 7 to 9 hours for this whole loop.
Note that for experienced hikers there are other ways to go up or down. Refer to your hiking maps. 

Here is the link to the trail map on AllTrails:  Mt. Mansfield

Submitted by:  Frank Waung (Aug 2022)

Others falls worth noting, that will be highlighted in the future are: