Membership in the Short Hills Ski Club is open to all skiers and snowboarders who are over the age of 21 and want to be part of an active, enthusiastic group of people who love being on the snow.

Membership in the Short Hills Ski Club

“A year from now you will have wished you started today.”

–Karen Lamb


There are four tiers (classes) of membership:

  1. Active
  2. Provisional
  3. Associate
  4. Honorary

The Membership Committee, which meets once a month from December to April, has the final authority in deciding issues of membership status. Elevation from one level of membership to the next is based upon demonstration of sincere interest in the Short Hills Ski Club and its activities. This is could be determined by:

  1. the number of days at the lodge
  2. attendance at club meetings (minimum of six) and activities
  3. participation on committees (elective or appointed office)
  4. concern for the rights and privileges of others
  5. concern for conserving the club’s assets and resources
  6. activities deemed by the membership as furthering the purpose of the club

Examples of activities recognized by the Membership Committee could be:

  1. work weekends at the lodge
  2. working the “welcome tables” at general meetings
  3. party organization and cleanup
  4. sponsorship and management of club functions
  5. assistant captain at the lodge

All members who participate in a club should complete an “Activity Report” and submit it to a member of the Membership Committee in order to be credited for work done.

Active status members have priority for lodge use over all other membership tiers (except for Trip Captain and Co-Captain) and may use the lodge at any time. Active status members are entitled to the lowest lodge rates. Elevation to Active status membership requires passing a ski or snowboard test administered by a member of the Board of Trustees.

Provisional status members have priority for lodge usage over prospective members and applicants, and they may use the lodge at any time provided an Active status member is present.

Applicants for membership should be of good moral character who demonstrate both a sincere interest in the club and a desire to become an Active status member, and may use the lodge at any time provided that there is an Active status member present.

Prospective members may submit a membership application after attending three (3) club meetings and making a payment of $80.00 as an application fee.

Associate status members (former Active status members) shall have the same rights Provisional members. They may also use the lodge at any time without the requirement that an Active status member be present.

The minimum age for all prospective members is twenty one (21). Prospective members are expected to show respect for all club members, functions and property.


An Applicant is elevated to Provisional by the Membership Committee when the committee feels that satisfactory progress is being made in the factors outlined above.

Elevation to Provisional status occurs at the club’s January, February, March and April meetings.

No additional fees are required for elevation from Applicant to Provisional status.

Elevation from Provisional to Active status is approved when the Membership Committee feels that satisfactory progress has been made in the areas already identified. Upon elevation, Provisional status members are required to pay a one-time Active status initiation fee of $70.00. Active status is not effective until the fee is paid.

Provisional status automatically terminates on the second November 30 following acceptance as a Provisional status member.

Elevation from Associate to Active status is allowed when the Associate indicates a desire to resume a more active role in the club. Written requests for reinstatement to Active status must be submitted to the Membership Committee for consideration at the December meeting.


Change in status from Active to Associate is normally granted to members who request such change because they are not in a position to continue their current activity with the club (i.e. had a child, moved away, sustained an injury, etc.).


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